A Precarious Beginning Cover Design


Take a look at the early designs for the cover of "A Precarious Beginning."

We were lucky enough to work with an amazing Bulgarian illustrator named Vladislav Nikolaev Andonov (vlad_islav [at] mail.bg).  He was able to do an amazing job of capturing the moment when Hyla first sees Castlemount with Sergeant Troy.

It started with an initial concept sketch:

Vlad then fleshed out his idea a bit:

We weren't sure where to place the figures - either looking down into the valley or closer to the buildings, so Vlad made a couple of iterations for us to choose from.

We finally decided on this version where the characters are down in the streets exiting the barrier tunnel.  It's not as true to the description in the book but we felt it provided the most detail of Castlemount.

Honing in on the final look:

And the final version of the book jacket:

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