Just Released!

Castlemount Chronicles

A Treacherous Path: Chronicles of Castlemount Book 3 is now out!.

In this thrilling third volume of The Chronicles of Castlemount, magic and greed collide!

The Sacred Trust is broken, and the enemies of the Five Kingdoms prepare for war. Trapped deep inside Scree Territory, Hyla confronts her past and learns an astounding truth about her future. Back in Ecros, Iskador “Izzy” Troy is a wanted man. He must stay one step ahead of the King’s forces as he leads his friends to save the small girl who stole his heart. Will Finn learn to control his growing powers in time to help?

Meanwhile, back at Castlemount, a king slowly goes mad as he gathers power to rival the gods. His goal is nothing less than the domination of the entire continent.

Find out what happens next, in A Treacherous Path: Chronicles of Castlemount Book 3.

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