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“Daddy, I want to write a book about Castlemount.”

My (eight-year-old at the time) daughter Siena asked me over and over to write down the story I’d been telling her for years.  It started out as a simple bedtime story when she was just three-years-old.  Over the years it had grown and morphed through countless sub-plots and games of pretend.  It had been rebooted, reduxed, and split into alternate realities.  Now she wanted to put it down on paper and write with me. 

Sure, why not?  Sounds like a fun daddy/daughter project.

“Ok, you start writing a first draft, and I’ll clean up and expand on whatever you write.”

A day later she told me to check my computer.  She had written a first draft of chapter one, pecking out each letter one at a time on the keyboard.  I sat down at my desk and brought up the file, eager to see what she had written.

Hyla skidded on the slick cobblestones as she turned a corner into the alleyway.  A recent rain had left small, dirty puddles and slippery stones everywhere.  As her legs pumped at full speed through the alley…

Wait a minute.  My eight-year-old daughter wrote this???  I’d been reading stories and fantasy books to her every night her whole life.  Apparently she had picked up a thing or two about writing a gripping story.

I was hooked.  We sat down and worked out the plot, the characters, and the world.  We bounced ideas off each other, and she got to make the final decisions.  I did the heavy lifting of grammar, vocabulary, and putting it in a cohesive order.

The Castlemoount Chronicles are stories that we hope will both empower and inspire. From our family to yours, we hope you enjoy reading the adventures of Hyla as much as we've enjoyed writing them.

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