Fritz Rollins

Fritz Rollins

As a fan of science fiction and fantasy stories my whole life, I never planned to write a book. But, when my daughter Siena was born, I found myself making up fantastic tales to keep her entertained. When she told me she wanted to write a book based on one of the stories, what was an over indulgent father supposed to do? So, here I am, an unexpected author. My stories are family friendly. They are designed to be read by both kids and adults, or even better, by parents reading to their children. Don't be fooled, though. These stories are complex, with lots of twists and turns! Adults will be enthralled, and children will be enchanted.

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Just Released!

Published in Castlemount Chronicles

We are pleased to announce the worldwide release of Book 1 of The Castlemount Chronicles, "A Precarious Beginning," available today in ebook and paperback from

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